I have run out of creative titles

Today I had lunch with . It was lovely to get caught up (for real, since we didn’t talk much at her birthday party last weekend). We also stood outside for a while (it’s actually nice enough to do that) and watched her bus go by. Twice. My hands got cold, but other than that it was good.

The sun was shining earlier, and I walked back from getting coffee. I was torn between taking deep breaths of fresh air and choking on the knowledge that there is an air pollution advisory right now. Yesterday through tomorrow, actually. And you can tell. Downtown the air is thick and visible. Blech. About halfway back I was starting to regret the walk, because it’s barely warm enough to be outside without a coat, but then I got out of the shadow of a tall building and enjoyed the sunlight, and all was good.

I’ve missed the outdoors and the sun. Most of my outdoor experience has been while it’s dark, and it’s been pretty cold lately. Monday, my day home “sick,” I ran a few errands and so I was outside in the middle of the day and the sun was shining. It sure helps a girl’s mood to get some sunlight. Speaking of which, Saturday is the winter solstice, so the days will finally start getting longer then.

Not much of an update, I know, but I have to get back to work…. If you’re bored, go browse around my Flickr account. There’s over 2,000 photos there to keep you busy.