More Flickr love

If you needed another great way to use Flickr, here’s my idea of the day: searching for computer wallpaper.  Bored with what you’ve got?  Quick and easy fix – you might end up with too many options!

No, they don’t pay me for this, I’m just currently addicted to Flickr.

In other news, the semester is over!  I did alright on my final last night – I can’t imagine I did worse than a C, which means I got an A in the class.  Yay!  I’d post a photo of my happiness, but I wasn’t creative enough to think of something to photograph.  Unfortunately, grades aren’t due until next Wednesday, so there’s still some waiting about.  And of course I can’t register for next semester until Tuesday.

After class, I consumed Chipotle, did some knitting, let my stomach settle, and then went to the gym.  The gym trip was bookended by a stop at Target and Cub.  Fairly uneventful.