Is it wrong to love Cheetos Puffs so much? So very yummy.

I thought I might be getting sick on Thursday/Friday, so I bought some Emergen-C and Halls Vitamin C supplements. I rode home on the bus on Friday in front of someone who spent the whole time hacking and shared a seat with someone who sat down and immediately blew her hose, and then proceeded to prove throughout the rest of the trip that she was sick. When I got home, I made promise to remind me if I got sick that I was supposed to be thoughtful of others and STAY HOME, especially considering how much sick leave I have built up.

And I haven’t gotten sick (yet). I still feel congested, but that’s it. Today there’s a slightly “off” taste in my mouth, but I’m just going to drink extra water and some more Emergen-C (can’t hurt, right?).

So instead, got sick. Yesterday. He’s still working, mainly because someone flew in to meet with him through Wednesday. Bummer.

I went to work out last night and they were giving away free massages. Unfortunately, I had to stay on task and finish my circuit in good time, because I was picking up dinner on the way home and didn’t want it to get cold (we tried the new pizza/gourmet Italian/takeout place near our house; verdict: alright, if you choose wisely). Maybe next week. The gym is celebrating it’s one year anniversary, so they’re offering all sorts of fun stuff. Tonight there’s the Life Family chiropractic assessment.

My plans for the night include studying one last time for my Geography final, which is tomorrow night. Then all will rejoice. Nice to know that I can’t actually fail the class at this point, unless he hands out negative grades (that was a joke). If I totally bombed the final and got a 0, I’d still get 70%, which is a less-than-reputable-but-still-acceptable C.

I’ve been taking advantage of our Flickr account and uploading all the pictures I can find. After finals are over, I’m going to go look for the CDs I have of pictures, back in the day of film cameras when they’d burn discs for you so you could have digital copies. We paid for the unlimited upload “Pro” account, mainly so that we could get all our wedding photos in one place, but it’s proving to be useful for generally organizing photos. I’ll be working on some more blog integration over the next few months, since I would like to edit my image tags and link tags anyways (the former so that things are more organized and I can clean up my server usage, and the latter so that this page is more accessible). Y’all are good at letting me know when I’ve really messed up my template or something doesn’t work, so keep it up!

Have a great Tuesday! Pictures from our Alabama trip are up on Flickr, if you can figure out how to get there. Or, just try this [link removed].