Friday Fun: The Four Edition

It’s… meme time!

What are…

  1. the last 4 books you have read? Currently reading Lies My Teacher Told Me.  Before that, I finished A Long Way Gone, and Girl Soldier.  I’m also kind of in the middle of an anthology of mythology from around the world.
  2. the last 4 websites you have visited? Amazon, Digg, Etsy, and the one for this meme.
  3. 4 favorite items of clothing? Jeans (pick a pair), cream sweat pants, any tank top, and a comfy button-up sweater.
  4. 4 favorite things to eat? Chocolate, ice cream, pizza, and did I mention chocolate?
  5. 4 favorite movies? You’ve Got Mail, While You Were Sleeping, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and… let’s go with Zoolander for some fun.
  6. 4 favorite books?  I can’t pick 4 favorite books, are you kidding?
  7. 4 favorite TV shows?  Currently, I’m very disappointed with TV, and it’s not because of the writer’s strike.  I’ve got entire seasons of my “favorite” shows recorded that I’m just not interested in watching.  Oh well.
  8. 4 things you ate yesterday? Starbucks, chicken enchiladas, Fiber One bar (they’re yummy!) and Snyders of Hanover Buttermilk Ranch Pretzel Pieces.
  9. 4 things you need to do today? Study for my final exam, eat dinner, clean off part of my desk here at work, and kiss my husband.
  10. 4 gifts you want during the holiday season? I have had a hard time with this this year.  Currently on my list are a cookbook of Christmas cookies, curtains, sleeping in, and world peace.