My site (at least the admin side) is slow to load today. I meant to post yesterday, but the two hours I had at my desk were organized chaos, interrupted by trips to go feed the meter downstairs (I parked downtown instead of at campus, and it was friggin’ expensive!). Class last night wasn’t horrible, and we only have one meeting left, in which we will take our final exam (supposedly only an hour will be needed), so that means it’s almost over! Mucho studying this weekend, however, since the study guide is 10 pages long (just the outline of concepts we need to review) plus 14 short answer essay questions, and we can’t bring notes to the exam. I’m not worried – I only need to get 70% to get an A in the class, according to my calculations. Nevertheless, I need to study.

I got caught up with yesterday too. She called as I was leaving campus, and we talked all the way to the gym. Upon driving into the parking lot, I exlaimed, “Oooh, my husband is here!” [Sidenote to : after thinking about it, I will not be bringing your Christmas present to ‘s party on Saturday like I said I would. Further… things need to happen.]

I think today will include a lot of re-coding of our website at work, but I’m not sure. I have to evaluate and prioritize. Fun.