Tuesday Twosome

  1. What two things do you “have” to wear when it is chilly/cold outside? Mittens and a scarf.
  2. What are two good things about wintry weather? Snow is pretty.  Also, when it’s super friggin’ cold here in Minnesota, the sun shines brightly.  I like that.
  3. What two things do you really dislike about wintry weather?  Cold.  That could really be the entirety of the list.  But, for a second one, I will say that I also strongly dislike how short daylight hours are.  It makes me sad.
  4. On average, how cold does it get in your city/town and how long does the cold weather last? Um, I live in Minnesota, land of 10,000 winters.  Or something like that.  The cold ranges each year.  The coldest was the third year I lived here when I lived in that attic apartment and it got down to somewhere around 10 below zero.  A lady drove up to the bus stop in her SUV and offered to let me wait for the bus in it.  That’s Minnesota nice for you.  Winter can last from the end of October through sometime in April, but I would generally say mid to late November through end of March.
  5. Would you rather be stuck at home because of a blizzard or flooding?  Blizzard, definitely.  Flooding would mean… well, in my current house, it would probably mean that the world had ended.  Plus, we don’t have a basement, so that would mean that we were stranded upstairs, without a television.  Blizzard just means no going to work or going outside.  As long as grocery shopping has been done, I could keep myself entertained indoors for days, possibly weeks, on end.  Assuming, of course, that the heat stays on.  Otherwise, I’d be dead.  That’s no fun.