Today’s Pet Peeve

Bet you wanted to know what it was.

Websites that use the <u> tag. Why? What does the <u> tag do? It underlines things. Why is this bad? Because it underlines things that aren’t links. And what is your first thought when you see underlined words on a webpage? Oh, it’s a link! Alas, this is not the case. Someone just wanted to make a few words look more important. I found this today on the Oneida website, and yesterday on another website that I’m not done using yet.

That’s all.

I do get to leave work today at 4, and get to see Grant tonight. Oh, and some family friends from Chicago that are in town. Family dinner at Mom’s. She’s making chili.

Question from the editor: Do you think Grant needs his own name icon?

4 Replies to “Today’s Pet Peeve”

  1. There are child privacy laws…

    Also, I think you get so much blog spam because your capcha stinks. Poppy? Love? I ask you

  2. Grant’s parents both have icons. I have an icon. Liz has an icon. Your husband has an icon. Your husband had an icon before we knew if he’d be a permanent fixture in your life.

    Grant needs an icon. Actually, I think Grant should be a little miffed with his aunt for not thinking of this ages ago.

  3. Where are you? Are you in Alabama? I never see you anymore. Come see me. You can take your books back. How does Saturday sound? 7pm? Bring the hubby, if he pleases.

  4. L, I fixed my capcha. I am still getting tons of blog spam. I don’t know what the problem is.

    A, I will definitely see you on Saturday and gladly take my books back. Husband will be coming. I’ll get to work on the icon for Grant….

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