No cavities! That’s like ace-ing my dentist appointment. I have to go in on Monday so he can fix the filling that chipped, but that’s totally not my fault, unless you count the fact that I was flossing when it chipped. But flossing is good, right?

Anyway… I’m making progress on the baby blanket, and don’t have class tonight, so that’s exciting. is having one heck of a day, though. She actually used the words “rant” and “pissed off” in an email today (and I don’t even use the latter except under extreme duress). Should be fun.  I’d post pictures of the baby blanket, but I haven’t taken any.  We hung up some cute winter decorations yesterday that I’d also like to show you a picture of, but again, didn’t take any.  Maybe over the long weekend.

If I don’t write again (though it’s likely I will), have a great Thanksgiving!