Four For Friday

  1. Judged by a Supreme Being: If their objective were to judge us, what would the three worst places be for extraterrestrials to land in the U.S. and observe Americans? In this order: an upper-middle class neighborhood in California, then anywhere in the third world. I think that would speak for itself. No need for a third place.
  2. Changing it Up: After checking into a hotel, have you ever been so disappointed with your accommodations that you asked to be moved to another room? If so, what were the circumstances that led to the request? No. We should have, but I don’t think it would have changed things. I am referring to the Motel 6 that Amanda and I stopped in on our way back from Boston. It was so very very bad. I’m not sure we did anything other than brush our teeth, go to the bathroom, and sleep. It was so gross. Almost worth the $40, simply because otherwise we were driving for more than 24 hours straight, but still….
  3. Wedding Bands: Do you have a system for when you do and do not wear your wedding band? For instance, do you wear yours 24/7/365, remove at night or when participating in strenuous activities, etc.? If you are not married and you wear jewelry on a regular basis, what system do you employ? I take my rings (all of them) off at night, and frequently have to remove them while knitting, especially if it’s cold (my fingers shrink and then the rings move about freely and it’s just darn annoying). Also if it’s super cold at work and I have to do a lot of typing, then I’ll sometimes remove my engagement ring. Occasionally I decide to wear just my wedding ring for a day instead of my engagement ring and my wedding ring. (That is the major reason why I picked the wedding band that I did, so I could wear it by itself.) Maybe some day I’ll get more used to this, or something, but for now that’s the way it goes.
  4. ???: What’s your reaction to this [link removed]? Um, that’s one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen. You should not click that link. I need to go hug kittens or something.