Early a.m. news and some medical discussion (of girly things)

So… it was an early morning for some in my house. got up at 4 (!!!!) to do an early site release or something like that (saving grace: he gets to leave work at noon today). I woke up when his alarm went off, but missed it if he came back into the bedroom after he got up. I got up to my alarm at 5:45 all by myself (I’m such a grown-up!), showered, and discovered that I really need more time than I’ve been allowing in order to style my new haircut.

I’m loving the new haircut, though it means getting up at 5:30 (I think). Oh, by the way, , Kari says hi. She asked how you were, and I said I hadn’t seen you in a while. I’m assuming you’re good. Same with you, . We’ll catch up on Saturday.

Back to the haircut… I got probably 3 inches cut off, but that amounted to about 1/3 of the volume of my hair. There’s so much less now! I mean, it’s dry already, if that gives you any clue. It’s usually not dry until noon. And it’s so much healthier and happier. So I think I have to give up coloring and highlighting it, which is sad. But it should help me get closer to my goal of growing it down my back. (Yes, I realize that getting three inches cut off takes me further away from this goal, but as I mentioned yesterday, sometimes a girl just needs a little change. It’s only 6 months worth of growth, and what’s six months when you’ve been growing your hair out for six years?)

They’ve turned the heat up to “sauna” level at work. Good thing I remembered deodorant this morning.

There’s been a lot of news this week about the pill, namely that it does bad things to you (but not so much so that you shouldn’t use oral contraceptives). This is disconcerting. To sum up, the pill may clog your arteries, and increase your risk for cervical cancer, and it has been previously reported that it may increase your risk of breast cancer.

Now, first and foremost, one should always practice safe sex, which for me means only inside the context of marriage, but for most people means using a condom. The pill doesn’t do that, so one would assume that most people are using it to prevent pregnancy (though this is not the sole or main reason in my case… more on that later). There are a few other ways to do this, all of which have their own issues. Some of which I’ve been interested in, but I don’t think that they provide all the things that I am looking for – I might need to discuss with a doctor on that though.

So breast cancer runs in my family, as we’ve discussed here several times (search the archives), and is a valid concern for me to have. There’s actually a high incidence of breast cancer in my family in unrelated members as well (notably CANDY and my cousin’s wife, the latter of whom traces hers to fertility treatments, will not be able to have more children, and has been told is terminal within ten years). Regardless, as much as I’d like to think that the size of the girls makes it highly unlikely that I would get breast cancer, my aunt (who recently died of unrelated cancer) had a smaller chest than I do (as if that’s even possible) and had it. (Though, to note, you’d like to think that given their size, any growth or lumps would be noticeable, but I’m not sure this is the case. Why again don’t I do regular self check-ups? I should get on that. My doctor would yell at me if she knew I didn’t. Perhaps my girlfriends would too.)

I’m not so worried about the clogging of arteries, since I am in relatively good health where things like that are concerned. (Just like I’m not really worried that PCOS drastically increases your risk of developing diabetes, since I would have to gain 100 pounds to actually be at risk.) But the cervical cancer thing… one doesn’t really have a lot of control over that. Other than the STD part (the most frequent cause), which I have successfully avoided by only having sex with one person who has only had sex with me. I have just done some further research and it looks like this is not something I should have to worry about though, because the two main causes (the only two mentioned causes that I can find) of cervical cancer are HPV (which is an STD and, as previously mentioned, I do not have to worry about) and some drug they gave to pregnant women in the 1950s.

As previously mentioned, I don’t actually take the pill to prevent pregnancy. Well, I do now, but for the four years before I got married (as well as a stint in high school and college while insurance would pay for it) I was on the pill and I was not at risk of getting pregnant. I was at risk, however, of making it even more difficult for me to ever get pregnant, and in the interest of my future fertility, I went on the pill. I actually take it so that I have the privilege of being “normal,” by which I mean I get to experience a regular 28-day cycle, unlike my natural 6-month cycle (which is not actually as fun as it sounds). Being abnormal, when it comes to girly things like that, is quite bad.

Now as I look over all that I’ve written, I guess there’s not that much to actually be concerned about. I don’t have to worry about the recent bad press the pill has gotten because most of it is irrelevant, except for the breast cancer thing. But overall, for the average unmarried woman, this is not the greatest news ever. Bummer.

OK, I’ll let you get back to your lives now and think about other things. Maybe I’ll do some memes – Fridays are good for that.