I am getting really annoyed with all the spam comments on this blog. Really annoyed. Do other people have to deal with this? Why am I special?

We have a statewide staff meeting next week, Wednesday and Thursday, and seeing as how I work in the administrative office, things are quite hectic here right now. There are name tags and lunch tickets and folders and hotel reservations and on top of it all, because we’re a government office, we have Monday off, so there are really only two days left before the meeting. People are getting a little stressed out.

So the power steering pump on Prince Charming’s car died while we were in Illinois, and we just found out that it is going to take a truck full of money to fix it. Bummer. Guess we won’t be taking any spur of the moment trips to Atlantic City. Or, closer to reality, guess we just won’t have that credit card paid off as quickly as we hoped. What are you gonna do? He has to have a car. We live in the suburbs, you know. It’s just not practical or possible to live without one.

In unrelated news, I am getting all of my hairs cut tonight. I promised Prince Charming that it would still be below my shoulders and I would still be able to pull it into a ponytail (promised myself that, too, really). I need a change, but I still like my long hair. I searched the internet last night for styles since I couldn’t find the one I’d originally picked out (didn’t I blog about it though?). It’s really hard to search for curly hair styles, mostly because, well, they don’t exist. It’s not the internet’s fault. It’s the world’s fault. So I found several quasi-cute picture, also wigs like the original style, because they’re actually the easiest to search for. Unfortunately, there are about a bazillion ugly wigs in this world and two or three dozen cute ones. I feel sorry for people who need them, like Candy (I hear she has several, but I rarely see them because she doesn’t like to wear them unless she has to, so when she’s relaxing at home with family she just puts a hat on her bald head).

Anyways, they’re getting chopped today, and the only thing I’m really nervous about is that I’m going back to an old stylist that I haven’t been to in about three years, if not longer. She was a great stylist and I totally trusted her, and even got Amanda (and I think Liz now too) going to her. But when I moved into my old neighborhood, she was inconveniently located and it just seemed easier to find a stylist closer to my house. So I did, and I have been moderately happy with her since, but in the last year the magic is gone, so to speak. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the chance to go back to my old stylist, especially now that I have a car and I no longer live within walking distance of my other stylist. I had to wait, of course, until after the wedding, and I had gotten a haircut about a week and a half before the wedding, so I just had to bide my time. Consider it a right of passage, though. Almost all brides (that I know of, at least) chop off their hair shortly after their wedding. Something about growing it long for the wedding…. Then I’ll go back to growing it long.

At any rate, I’m getting a few inches cut off tonight, and I’m mostly excited. Also, it’s date night, which is always exciting, if simply because it means that I don’t have to do homework or answer my phone. That whole part about actually spending time with my husband is good too. We’re going to go get a gym membership, because some of us have let ourselves go since the wedding and haven’t adapted well to living with a car.

Note: while composing this post, three spam comments were submitted. Boo. I think it’s time to set up a filter in GMail so that I no longer get notified. It will just require intentionally checking the “comments awaiting moderation” cue on a regular basis so that new comments that are valid get posted. Why do some people have to ruin it for the rest of us? I need some more caramel nut clusters from Walgreens.