Too early for disappointment

I was all prepared to wax poetically about something special I did this morning on my way to work.  But, unfortunately, after I had my lyric opera all choreographed and orchestrated, I then decided to partake in the experience that was my “something special,” and it was then that I was disappointed.  So, of course, I had to destroy all reminders of my earlier enthusiasm and bliss.

I stopped for gas on the way to work, because it was either that or find myself stranded alongside the road, and it’s cold out today!  I was tempted by the warmth of the convenience store and their promises of 89-cent cappuccinos, so I went in to get something.  I ended up with a french vanilla cappuccino, which was… mediocre (which is all one can really expect out of those machines, except that I’ve had a few fantastic experiences with them, so perhaps my hopes were a bit too high).  Then I looked over at what would later become the object of sonnets and odes: the donut case.  There, right in the middle: classic glazed donut.  59-cents, or 2 for $1.  Quickly, I snatched one with an unbroken veneer, before that little voice inside my head could get involved and remind me that my pants are fitting tighter right now and perhaps donuts aren’t the cure for that.

Back in my car, I drove onto the freeway and prepared to enjoy the sugary goodness.  Of course, in the time it took me to exit the parking lot and enter the freeway, this is when my artistic side took over and devoted what seemed like hours to the exhortation of the glazed donut.  Alas, when I finally took a bite… mediocrity, at best.  So disappointing.  And it’s hard to be disappointed at 7 am.  Well, actually, it’s very easy to be disappointed so early, but quite difficult to handle.

But, I have since decided that perhaps next week when I drive to work on Wednesday, I’ll try the Super America instead of the Holiday.  Maybe their glazed donuts and cappuccinos are better.

How was your morning?