A Photo Update

First off…

Here’s the pumpkin I carved last week for Halloween.

I was aiming for a cute wink and a grin, but I think I just got grumpy. Oh well.

But, on to more exciting things – pictures of my weekend in Illinois!

Friday night we drove into Illinois and met up with some of my friends from college for dinner. We had a wide range of people, from two newlywed couples, to a couple who’s been married for four years, to a couple who’s been married for eight and has two kids and another on the way! We had a great time and some great food too.

College Friends
With their families
Me being a dork
At Portillos
So good to see everyone so happy
Me, Amy, Kate, and Danyel
Us (again)

Saturday we went to a family wedding. I won’t actually bore you with all the pictures, but here are a few (so you can see how very different it was from our wedding).

Flower girls
Bride and Groom
Unity Candle
Me, cousin Kristen, and Mom
Sleepy Grant
First dance
Prince Charming and me

And Sunday, we met a friend of mine from high school (as far back as 7th grade, actually) for coffee, and then had brunch at my aunt and uncle’s house. On the way out of Illinois, we stopped at 7-Eleven for Slurpees.

Wish they had Slurpees here.

We actually did grocery shopping on the way home and had the car unpacked by 6pm, which was nice. It felt much later, though. It was a busy weekend, but overall I was very happy with our plans and how things worked out. I was quite surprised that everyone was actually free to get together, and it was good to see them. Most of my friends that we saw I hadn’t seen in at least three or four years, and none of them had met Prince Charming.

I also got a lot of work done on the baby blanket that I’m knitting for Sarah’s baby (who was born on our wedding day). There’s still a lot to be done though, and I’m not sure if it’s going to be finished by Christmas, which would be a vaguely reasonable time to get it to her. Oh well. I remembered the other day that the reason I stopped working on it was because my tendinitis flared up right before the wedding which stopped my knitting altogether. I’m back and trying to work speedily to make progress though.

Not much planned for this week – homework and house cleaning and so forth.

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  1. I would so love to hang out with you, kate, danyel,and amy! Hope you guys had a great time, looks like you did.

  2. We did have a good time! You’re next on my list of people to see and get in touch with – sometime this winter perhaps? We decided it had been too long since we’d all seen each other, and hope to get together again, but who knows when that will be. I rarely go to IL anymore…. 🙁 If only they could make teleporters work! Then I could visit anyone I wanted to, any time!

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