I think that was supposed to be easier…

Giving the blog a new theme, that is. Alas, it was not. I am… disappointed in that. This comes from not knowing or understanding PHP at all. I was essentially done at one point this morning, only to realize that the theme I’d modified wasn’t widget-ready, which, in the end, meant starting all over again with a new theme. Even now, I’m not using most of the graphics I created, but it will have to do for now. [Editor’s note: please let me know if you see any errors or if things don’t work for you, and I’ll get to work on fixing them next week.] There are only 22 minutes left in the work day and I will be out of the office tomorrow, so perhaps I should get things in order.

Tomorrow and I are driving down to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding. Friday night we’re meeting up with a bunch of my college friends and their significant others (and children, for one friend) for dinner. Then we’re staying at ‘s house (supposedly in the RV instead of the pull-out sofa). Saturday morning we are hopefully having brunch or coffee with a friend from high school, lunch with and (and and and the Grantster), and then going to the wedding that night. Sunday morning there’s brunch at my aunt and uncle’s house (parents of the groom), and then we’re driving back up to MN. A whirlwind, a blur I tell you! I’m pretty sure we’ll be exhausted by the end, but, at least for me, it will be in a good way. I haven’t seen said college and high school friends in years (at least three or four for most of them, if not more), so I’m very excited about that.

OK, wrapping up work… Have a great weekend!