Well, I was hoping to get a very clever post up today (or at least a pretty post) with pictures I took yesterday. But, alas, I just finished editing them and I have to leave work now or I don’t get dinner. So, I’ll leave you with these instead:

and I made shish-kabobs (I have no idea how that’s officially supposed to be spelled and I don’t care) on Sunday. What was amazing? We used the big plate. The platter we got for our wedding. We had no idea how big it was. And what was even more shocking, we used it for just the two of us! (I mean, after all, the platter lives with the cookie sheets, if that helps you understand how big it is.)

So I took some pictures to prove it (click for large versions).

This one didn't seem to show the perspective enough,
so note my glasses sitting in the top left corner.