Well that certainly puts a cramp in things

KathyHowe wrote this beautiful piece of prose today:

I talked to my dad today. He’s wondering when I plan to get married again. Once again I am reminded I need to speak slowly to the elderly. I reminded him that it was my cervix that was removed. Not my brain.

I thought that was beautiful.

However, there will be no such beautiful blogging from me.  The guy who facilitated my blood donation maimed me, and I am currently unable to use my left arm without pain, or fear of opening up the whole that stubbornly refused to clot.  And typing with one hand just isn’t conducive to long, poignant blog entries.

So instead, I’ll leave you with this cute cat picture [link removed] (not my cat).

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  1. I just wrote beautiful prose about Suze Orman and keeping up with the Jones’. It’ll be hard to out-do that one. LMAO

    Hope your arm feels better soon!

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