When you least/most expect it

Sometimes it hits when I least expect it, and sometimes when I most expect it.

For instance, two Saturdays ago (the day before my aunt died), sent me a link to a slideshow from that morning’s Race for the Cure. I totally ended up bawling because all I could think was, “she should be there for this,” since she was a breast cancer survivor for 9 years, but instead she was lying in bed at home on pain meds with a very limited amount of time left on this planet.

And this morning, I was thinking about how it’s soon to be ‘s first birthday (!!!) and trying to figure out what a good birthday present would be. Then I immediately thought of Christmas, since it’s only another two weeks later, and that I wanted to get him an ornament, just like Aunt Shirley always gave and me. And that made me sad, that the tradition had in some ways ended and in some ways needed to be carried on / passed on to the next generation, and that she won’t be with us this Christmas.

And there ya have it.