Sweet, blessed weekend, here I come!

It has been a hard week. A long week. Last night and I looked at each other and said, “Who are you?” (I jest, but you get the point.) Married life is great. It’s been all the other stuff, primarily school. Thankfully, while this semester starts out busy, after looking at my syllabuses, things should get a lot easier in a few weeks. A lot less homework, that is, which would be nice. I haven’t picked up my stuff all week – it’s gradually accumulating on random surfaces. And as I just realized while looking on Etsy, I haven’t pursued any of my hobbies in white a while. No knitting since before the wedding – the tendinitis flare-up put the kabosh on that, so I didn’t even bring anything to occupy myself with on the honeymoon. I’d bought some new stuff to make jewelry with and have several ideas, but I haven’t had the time to put them into motion. Nor have I unpacked a single box that wasn’t a gift. Now, granted, last night we could have just lazed around the house reveling in the nothing-ness, but instead we chose to go shopping and get some much-needed work clothes for both of us.

And I got cute new shoes.

And then we got home and were exhausted, because the MOA will do that to ya.

All I’m sayin’ is, I’m tired, and I’m glad the weekend is here and I get to sleep in tomorrow and that I don’t have a ton of homework to do, so that I might feel vaguely productive in the rest of my life. All summer long things got set aside for the higher priority of moving and wedding, and now things are getting set aside for the higher priority of schoolwork. It’s exhausting, I tell ya. I’ll work on getting that fixed though.

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