I have not yet adjusted

to my new schedule, that is. Every day this week so far I have tried to get it right, but with no success so far. To recap:


6am wake up
7am eat breakfast (yogurt & granola)
7:19 miss bus, get Starbucks
7:51 take bus, discover there is no eating or drinking on bus
9:30 finish most of Starbucks, which is now cold
1:30 starving (duh), eat lunch (cup of Ramen)
5pm go home, realize on bus that I am starving, nauseous, and have a headache
5:45 complain to husband who quickly attempts to remedy situation with food (which works)
9pm hungry and munchy, trip to CVS, several Twizzlers consumed


6am wakeup
7am grab breakfast bar on way out door to catch bus
7:19 on bus (yay!)
9am get Starbucks
11:45 plan to get Chipotle for lunch
12:00 thwarted by co-worker’s absence, must now work until 12:30 and skip lunch
12:30 chew gum
1:45 falling asleep in class, on break find Wheat Thins which keep me awake through rest of class
4:30 bus home
5:30 consume soup and salad with husband at table (whoa)
8pm find bag of cookies that the Mike-arita I had with dinner requested to keep it company and consume


6am wakeup
6:30 drink juice and take vitamins
6:45 overwhelmingly nauseous, blame multivitamin-empty stomach combination
7:20 drive to work
7:55 no longer nauseous, eat breakfast (granola & yogurt) in college parking lot
8:20 pick up Starbucks before getting to work
11:30 discard Starbucks mainly undrunk
12pm starving, munch a few Wheat Thins (so as to not ruin my appetite), can’t leave desk due to phone duty (daily from 12-1)
1:30 get Chipotle that I was denied yesterday
2:30 finish consuming lunch, very full
5pm realize still full, plan to get Jimmy John’s for dinner gets tossed, grab Propel and bag of peanuts
5:30 bus to college
6:00 class
6:45 break, eat a few peanuts, find Wheat Thins in bag
8:20 class over, Wheat Thins nearly gone
8:30 drive home
8:55 stop by Taco Bell for dinner
9:30 again overwhelmingly full, consume Pepto-Bismol as a precautionary measure


6am wakeup (boo, quite difficult this morning)
6:30 eat All-Bran granola-ish bar (they’re yummy!)
7:19 bus to work
9:00 take vitamins
9:30 overwhelmingly nauseous, contemplate alternatives to throwing up while trying to find some food that might settle stomach, consume remaining Wheat Thins
9:45 no longer nauseous, would like to get coffee

Now, arguably there are many factors at work here. But this is what I’ve concluded so far:

  • Waking up at 6am sucks (but is the grown-up thing to do, blah blah blah – got a notice from the Post Office saying drugs from Canada have come in, so hopefully that will help the situation)
  • There is no breakfast that will keep me sated until 1 or 1:30 when I used to go to lunch
  • There is no breakfast that will keep me from feeling nauseous when it is time to take my vitamins etc at 9am (the only solution may be taking them with food)
  • There are no acceptable lunch options downtown St Paul at 11:30
  • I have no idea when I should get coffee now that will result in it actually being drank
  • I have trained my co-workers to expect my coffee break around 11 and lunch break around 1:30, so they take their breaks at times when I probably would like to take mine now that my schedule is different
  • Cup-o-Ramen, while my easiest workplace lunchtime option, is wholly unsatisfying and not even worth the effort if there’s nothing to add to it
  • Regardless of when I eat lunch, I’m going to be starving by dinnertime
  • I will remain tired all day long until about 9:30 or 10pm, at which point I no longer want to go to bed (when will my body adjust to the new sleep schedule? will it ever? I’ve always been a night owl, and while I might be able to train my body to get up at 6am, I’m not sure I can train it to be tired at 10pm)
  • I am very good at making bad food choices (but we all knew that)

This is why honeymoons exist, of course. Because Prince Charming and I had one whole blissful week of sleeping in and lazing about and enjoying each other’s company without feeling the pressures of work and school. And now, well, I just haven’t been that fun to live with this week. There was complaining yesterday morning about getting out of bed, and this morning I was downright belligerent (almost had a flashback to high school with my parents, which sadly wasn’t enough motivation to get me out of bed). Prince Charming has been remarkably good-natured about getting me out of bed, though he knew what he was getting into on the not-a-morning-person front when he married me. And after work, I have been some combination of grumpy, cranky, tired, and busy with homework. There hasn’t been much time for anything else (I haven’t talked to Alison or Mom since the wedding, and I still haven’t finished unpacking from our honeymoon). So I am looking forward to “date night” tonight, when someone else will hopefully prepare the food (we discussed going “out”), and we can spend some quality time together, even if it is just watching television and addressing thank-yous.