Oh my

I just checked my school email and there was one from our visiting lecturer for today’s class (he is teaching for three weeks starting last week, the basics of economics).  The PowerPoint slides for today are posted.  I didn’t know this was going to be done, so I checked out the link.  There are slides from last week up too.  So I downloaded them, pulled them up and checked them out.  Last week’s lesson?  53 slides.  Oh, but it gets better!  Today’s lesson?  81!  My hand hurts just thinking about taking notes.  How is it even possible that we’re going to get through 81 slides?  It’s only a three hour class.  That’s… one slide every 2 minutes, with one break in the middle and no dilly-dallying around.

I think I’m going to do something before class that I try to never do.  I’m going to Chipotle for lunch.  At noon.  Clearly, this is not the best plan in the world, but class starts at 1 and I need food in me.  Guaranteed good and filling food.  Downtown, this is one of my few options.  And I need it today.  I woke up starving.  And I’m tired.  Nearly fell asleep on the bus to work.  I think an 81-slide 3-hour lecture on the basics of economics could put me to sleep easily.  Must have food in me to prevent this.

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  1. Are you crazy?! That sounds like a recipe for food coma to me. I’d be sawing logs in no time…unless it was accompanied by large quantities of caffeine.

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