Wuv, twue wuv

Alright, I know that if I don’t post something soon, certain people might get a little snarky and pester me over email about that, even if I have talked to them during my hiatus. I’ll keep this short, because my pictures are currently trapped on my home computer and they’d make a better post anyways.

Short story:

  • Wedding went off without a hitch. Or rather we got hitched. Or… huh. The day was a success, since all that needed to happen was for us to actually get married. Everything else was gravy, and there was a lot of gravy.
  • Honeymoon was awesome. We did nothing, absolutely nothing, and reveled in it. The weather was good, and we basically did the stuff we did last time, only more relaxedly.
  • When we got home, was a freak. We opened all our gifts and got them all situated away, or at least mostly. And Sunday after church we went to the Pottery Barn and bought some backup dishes.
  • Sunday we went to church and received the “souvenir tickets” that are our marriage license, uncertified. Basically worth nothing. But we learned that the parties involved (bride and groom, that is) don’t actually sign the marriage license. Who knew?
  • I am behind on homework, but that’s probably to be expected. I’ve had a hard time getting back into the mindset of a student, which is important when papers need to be written. If it was just reading, I’d be done. I’ll get on that tonight though.
  • Commuting from Eagan is not so much fun, but not the worst form of torture ever invented. Sorry, but that’s about as excited as I can get about that.
  • A co-worker gave me the Wyoming state quarter as a wedding gift. And he talked to our barista at Starbucks who was shocked and amazed that we didn’t want gifts, and that I didn’t want co-workers at the celebration. To each his own, right?
  • And now I’m back at work. I only had 89 emails, which is pretty amazing for being gone two weeks. And about 15 of them were spam. So I’m mostly caught up, in the sense that I currently have a normal workload (when I have stuff to do, that is).

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