Twice in one day!

No, not posting (though that is becoming a rare thing)… I got all 43 presidents!  Twice!  Today!  And with a large gap in-between (as in, I took a break to go get boxes from the basement, picked up my dry-cleaning, and read some emails, among other things).

I’m feeling pretty good about that.

I can also name all 50 states and put them on the map with decent accuracy (last time it was 6 miles and 3 errors).  If pushed, I think I could get most of the capitols.

I might become a social studies teacher yet.  If I can pass my classes this semester, that is.  I will be quite proud if I get A’s – geography and politics/economics/social sciences are not as straightforward as history.  We’ll see how homework goes this weekend.  Also, my classes this semester are not really lecture-based.  I’m not sure how I’ll do with that.  I mean, that’s the way I’d prefer to teach, but I’m not sure if that’s how I learn, if that makes sense.  On the plus side, that should mean my arm, elbow and hand won’t hurt as much from note-taking.  On the negative side, it means I won’t have notes to study from.

Also, the two classes I will be missing while we’re on our honeymoon… some of the best classes, or at least the ones I’d want to attend.  In Politics, Markets and Civil Society, that class is the first of three with a guest lecturer who will be giving us the down-and-dirty version of economics.  And in Geography, the case study we will be looking at is the spread of AIDS in the US.  While the economics wouldn’t actually be interesting to me, I don’t actually know any econ and would benefit from being there.  I’ll just have to borrow notes from someone, and read the book carefully.  The case study on AIDS would definitely be interesting to me, though thinking on it now, it’s quite possible that the discussion would become heated and I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy that.

Don’t be confused.  I’m not actually complaining.  I’m quite sure that whatever I’m doing will be much better than being in class.  Much better.