Holy Canoli!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but that little count-down on the side of my blog says 7 days. 7! 7 days until very publicly and very permanently making a big commitment. Which I’m totally cool with, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, I have to pause a moment and reflect on the magnitude of this. It’s not as life-changing as, say, giving birth. But getting married has to be up there on the list of life-altering experiences.

Last night went much smoother than I thought it would. It took almost no time at all to take stuff to Goodwill and drop stuff off at Amanda’s. I even stopped at the gas station on my way back (first time in over two years that I’ve been the one at the pump instead of just waiting in the car), which was made slightly confusing by the fact that I had cash and was on the phone the entire time, first with Prince Charming and then with the girl who was coming to get the couch. Trying to give directions while going inside to pay in cash in a gas station I hadn’t been to in a long time when there’s a long line… I don’t advise it. But it all turned out fine. And the girl picked up the couch at a decent time, just after I was finished eating dinner but before I started packing my car.

I filled up my car and was on the road by 7, which seemed like a miracle. I went tanning, which didn’t go as well as usual, but whatever. Prince Charming and I unloaded my car, and then amazingly enough I got to relax on the couch and watch TV for a while. Definitely that was the idealistic way for things to go.

I’m going to grab a few more boxes before leaving work tonight so I can pack up the random stuff that’s hanging around my house. I think I can get the kitchen done and probably the bedroom too before Prince Charming comes over. The fifth person who contacted me about my chairs is actually supposed to come over tonight, unlike the other 4 who have ignored me since their first “I’m interested” email. 7:30 she says. I might need to put her in the trusty hands of Nikki, because I would like to be done by then. We’ll see.

Once this moving part is done, life will be a breeze. It probably would have been better to be moved out at the end of July instead of August, but then I would have been homeless for quite a long time. And I didn’t have a car until last week, so that would have been terribly problematic. I don’t advise moving and getting married all at once, but I’m pretty sure that most people don’t do it that way these days anymore, so I guess that’s pretty worthless advice. Plus, I’m still not believing in the whole living-together-before-marriage thing, so I guess it’s the only way to do that. And, much to the delight of Amanda and Liz, I’m sure, none of my friends have been solicited to help in this move, though I’m sure they would have been more than willing. However, there’s a bit of a trick in that, because we will definitely need their help to move out of Prince Charming’s into a different house, when the time comes. And that will be a bigger deal. And will happen over a weekend instead of a three-month period. So… they won out temporarily.

Work is mostly set to be without me for two weeks. I just have a fax to send (I’m waiting on a form to be filled out) and the vacation-response to set for my email. I’m sure some other piddly little things will come up in the next four hours.

Really, I can’t tell you how thrilled I will be to have the moving done, and how thrilled I am at the smoothness of last night. I realize that there’s an entire bedroom chock-full of boxes at Prince Charming’s house that will have to be dealt with, and so in that sense moving isn’t done. But… it is. All my stuff will once again be united, and in two weeks I will be re-united with it. And we’ll figure out what to do with all of it and… life will be good. Life is good now, barring the fact that I have been getting crappy sleep and have had a terrible crick in my neck since last night. The heat pad I put on it is helping dramatically – just poor timing to have neck/shoulder/back pains. And I can get caught up on sleep next week, right? In-between all the homework and last-minute wedding stuff. Right. I’ll at least get caught up the following week, when we’re on our honeymoon, in-between all the sex. Was that too private a comment to make on this blog? Like y’all didn’t know that was what was going to be going on. Like everyone doesn’t know.

And, to leave you with completely different thoughts than that… my Starbucks has been out of white chocolate for the last three days. Consequently, I have had several mediocre experiences. Today, however, I ordered the Cinnamon Dolce Latte (instead of the Caramel Macchiato that has been disappointing), and it’s pretty good. I’m not exactly in the mood for cinnamon, but it’s definitely more satisfying than the macchiato.