Four For Friday

  1. Underwear: Pull up your pants or else! That’s the sentiment behind efforts in cities across the U.S. to ban droopy trousers that reveal men’s boxer shorts, and baggy sweats that reveal a women’s thong. In just the last seven days alone, city councils in Shreveport and Alexandria, Louisiana, and Atlanta, Georgia, have taken up measures in favor of banning fanny-flaunting pants. Do you think it’s okay for cities and towns to legislate apparel?  I spent most of my summer in Arizona telling teenage boys to pull up their pants.  I think it’s a stupid trend that has gone on far too long.  There are quite a few other trends that I’d love to legislate away, but I’m actually kind of opposed to that.  I’m very cool with schools having dress codes and uniforms, but I think legislation of apparel should be focused on indecency (though the definition of that could be… anything).
  2. Compensation: Richard Jewell–the contract security guard who was falsely accused of planting a bomb at the 1996 Summer Olympics, and who despite never being charged with any crime underwent what was considered by many to be a “trial by media” that took a great toll on his personal and professional life–died earlier this week of what appear to be natural causes. Nearly 10 years after his ordeal, in April of 2005, Jewell was completely exonerated when Eric Rudolph pleaded guilty to carrying out the bombing attack at Centennial Olympic Park, as well as three other attacks across the southeast portion of the United States. Considering Jewell’s situation, do you feel people who have falsely been accused of major crimes should be entitled to compensatory reparations, or is having to deal with such situations simply the cost we must pay in order to live in a society that affords us with so many freedoms? In my understanding, most of the pain caused to Jewell was from the media, not the police.  Granted the police were the ones responsible for falsely accusing him, but I think that happens far more often than we know.  And he wasn’t actually charged with any crime, so I’m not sure what they should be held responsible for.  Isn’t that their job, to figure out who would be responsible?  Perhaps if his character was actually slandered by the media there would be a case for that, but against the media, not the police.  I don’t think it’s the cost we have to pay to live in a free society, but the cost we pay when we are a society so focused on celebrity and gossiping and are generally media whores.  That has nothing to do with our freedoms and everything to do with… us.
  3. Make Room: What particular item of food, regardless of how stuffed you may be, can you always find room for?  Chocolate.  Perhaps only small pieces if I’m really full, but nonetheless I could always find room for a Hershey’s kiss or a Lindt truffle.
  4. I Insist: Growing up, I had a neighbor who was rumored to wear a brand new dress shirt each and every time he went to work. Never would he wear the same dress shirt twice. What is one thing that you are absolutely particular about? Clothing-wise, I’d have to say socks with athletic shoes.  Or really socks with any kind of enclosed shoe.  I recently had to wear a pair of enclosed dress shoes without nylons (due to poor planning) and I wasn’t a big fan.   Not nearly as horrible as being barefoot in sneakers though.  Ew.  The other thing that comes to mind would be shoe-wearing while riding a bike.  Closed-toe shoes, to be specific.  There was a traumatic childhood incident.  ‘Nuff said.