Words that shouldn’t be used together, and other lessons learned last night

I was watching “The Closer” last night, trying to get caught up before having to return my DVR to the cable company, and last week we learned that Brenda was going through early-onset menopause (I figured it was either that or she was pregnant). This week, her doctor told her she thought that it was probably because she has PCOS. Always nice to identify with a TV character, even if it isn’t for the best reason. Anyways. [Editor’s note: warning to the boys, girl parts are going to be mentioned shortly, and you may not want to read if you’re squeamish about that sort of thing.] There’s this funny-and-horrifying scene where the doctor says that the method of treatment is… ovarian drilling. Brenda of course freaks out over this (it goes all slow-mo and the doctor repeats it like three times and it really is funny). And who wouldn’t? Those words should not be used together. I don’t care what they mean. That sounds freaky.

Last night, I learned an important lesson. Do not attempt to go to Target and find school supplies the night that most of the local colleges started classes. You won’t find anything, and you will be reminded that you are old. You may also have to deal with parents of kindergarteners attempting to decipher the school-supply list they’ve been given. And it will take you 45 minutes to find yellow Post-Its. I never did find the folders I was looking for, even after stopping at Office Max. Guess I didn’t need them.

It was a whole new world opened to me last night, when I realized that I needed Post-Its and it was after 8:30, but I could still leave my house and get them, because I owned a car. Being limited by the bus meant that trips to Target after evening rush hour generally took at least 2 hours, with the time in transit, shopping, and waiting for buses. No longer. True, I was still gone for an hour, but because I was trying to find Post-Its, not because I was waiting at the corner of University and Hamline at 9:15 pm. (No good can come of that.)

I also learned last night (from ) that bachelor and bachelorette parties are for the friends of the bride and groom, not the seeming-guests-of-honor. That kinda clears things up for me, though I am still confused about… why again? But whatever. I’ll just accept it at face value and move on.

Class tonight. Class yesterday afternoon went well, and we got out early, which meant I could file for our marriage license and get a student ID made. Right now, I’m going to pick up the Scrabble boards for the reception centerpieces.