Spammers are killing my love for my blog right now. I get at least six email notifications a day that I have a new comment waiting for approval. How many times are those real comments and not spam comments? Rarely, as you could tell by browsing around for a while. It’s making me sad. I no longer get excited about emails that I might have a comment. This used to be a thrilling thing, you realize.

I can’t imagine that my blog is any higher ranked now than it used to be, so why the increase in spam, I’m not sure. They do all get deleted – it’s just a hassle, that’s all.

And what are all these spam-comments about? Mostly viagra. Sometimes about… enhancing or enlarging things. Or prescription medications. Boo.

Classes start today. In an hour and a half, actually. So in an hour, I’m leaving work, hopping a bus over to the Metro State Library (where my class will be held, oddly), and eating a Snickers bar I found for lunch (I’ll plan that better in the future). Two of my textbooks are in my bag (of 3, for today’s class), and I’m hoping I won’t have to carry them around with me. My shoulder hurts. I know, I’m wimpy. My shoulder is particularly sensitive to that. Can’t be helped. I’m also supposed to get my student ID today, so and I can go get a computer with the student discount.

And then I’m getting a haircut and highlights.

Posted my couch and the gold chairs on craigslist last night, and I’ve had a ton more people interested in the chairs than I thought. I really feared that… I’d have to figure out a way to get them to Goodwill on Friday night. The couch I wasn’t worried about, since I think I could probably leave it at the house if all else failed. Apparently, really ugly upholstered chairs for free are a hot commodity.

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  1. Kelly,

    Is there a way you can do the… uh… thing where a human being has to type in the letters and numbers that are all odd and stretched so a computer is unable to recognize them in your comments section? That’s saved me a lot of trouble.

    If you buy a Mac with your student ID you can also get an iPod Nano and get a complete rebate for it, or get a regular iPod for $50 after the rebate. I love my Mac.

    Have fun,

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