This weekend in word pictures

I could have quickly and easily described my entire weekend with a few well-thought-out photographs. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any, so you’ll have to suffer through my wordy description of my weekend instead.

Friday night, while was out getting drunk with his friends (Editor’s sidenote: can someone please explain the idea of bachelor and bachelorette parties to me? I mean… guy proposes, so clearly he wants to get married. Girl accepts, so she probably does too. So why the need to celebrate singleness one last time? Is marriage really such a hideously awful idea that drunkenness is the only way to cope? Do most people foresee marriage as giving up all of their freedoms so that they’ll never be able to go out and have fun with their friends again? I just don’t get it.), I went to ‘s to help her paint. She detailed that experience on her blog, so I’ll just let that be. (Editor’s note to : thinks perchance primer would have prevented peeling. I don’t have any solutions for peeled paint patching, however. Can you sand it down (once dry) and then you wouldn’t have the 3D thing going on?)

Then I went tanning, or rather got some fake tan sprayed on me (it was very cold for some reason, which is quite unpleasant when you’re already buck nekkid in a tiny booth with a woman’s voice talking loudly to you). And bought some chocolate at Target. And… watched some bad TV and crocheted a really ugly purse (that I took apart the next morning) and… probably some other boring things that I can’t remember because… they were boring.

A large portion of Saturday was spent waiting for to recover from his previous night’s activities. I kept busy with crochet/knitting projects, more bad television, and unpacking some boxes. There are now photographs on display in two whole locations. Still no candles, because, well, I don’t actually live there yet, and marriage is a stipulation for candle placement in ‘s house. So I refrained. Oh, I also spent a large amount of time cleaning the fish tank. It was gross. I took a shower shortly afterward to remove said grossness because I didn’t even want to touch myself.

Another large portion of Saturday was spent loading most of the rest of my possessions into ‘s dad’s Bronco and then unloading them into the spare bedroom, which is now very full after the addition of my twin bed. What’s still at my house? My mattress, laying on the floor. My television, also on the floor. Five outfits for work. My computer, on the floor. Two under the bed storage boxes, two other shelf-organizy-type-things, my jewelry, my wedding-day supplies including reception decorations, some files, my bedside table, and some bathroom and kitchen stuff. And .

Sunday we spent a lot of time (some would say too much time) at Ikea, and considerably less time putting two of these together (in black-brown, the wider version). also bought me a step stool for the kitchen so I can reach things on top of the cabinets. And he’s nearly done fixing my dresser. (It’s amazing how much time it can take to fix something that I lived with in its broken state for so long.) It’s quite wonderful, all the work he’s put into it.

So, yeah. See, wouldn’t pictures have been better? And much shorter. Oh well.

Classes start tomorrow. And I have a hair appointment, which will be sad because I won’t go back to my stylist after this, and I liked her. But she wasn’t like the world’s best hair stylist or anything. And Kari is now back in my neck of the woods, instead of being up in Rosedale (plus I have a car), so maybe I’ll go back to her. I never had any complaints with her, and trusted her implicitly with my hair. I’m sure I also have many wedding related things to do. That’s what I’m doing next, looking at my checklist.

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  1. In regards to bachelor parties… Such negativity for something which is actually a celebration of the fact that I am getting married. You should at least appreciate the traditional nature of the event, and perhaps that little stereotypically traditional activities occurred. I’m not quite sure how it’s in any way different from you going out to enjoy some margaritas with your friends.

  2. You forget that 1) while surrounded in negativity, I was actually asking for an explanation of what the purpose is, and 2) my friends demanded a bachelorette party, not me.

    Celebrations I get. It just doesn’t seem, to me, that the traditional activities associated with bachelor and bachelorette parties are a celebration of the impending marriage, but rather a mourning for the loss of one’s singlehood.

    This is why everyone is not like me. If they were, there would be no strip clubs, and probably no bars, and definitely no beer and no tomatoes or onions. It would probably be a very boring world, and perhaps a bit crazy in the head. From my perspective, there are a lot of things that go on in this world I don’t understand. Occasionally, I feel the need to ask for some help understanding that which seems to be self-evident but, to me, is not.

  3. Yes, but you shouldn’t expect a straight answer when your question is loaded with accusations 🙂 Using the word “mourning” can’t be accurate. Any event I know of where actual mourning is involved isn’t fun at all. Bachelor(ette) parties are festive and people have fun. It is true that some guys enjoy going to the strip club – albeit a small minority considering the tiny number of strip clubs operating in this state – and it should be fair to say that most women wouldn’t want their husbands going to a strip club. That and heavy drinking are activities usually enjoyed while people are single. For the people that enjoy them, how can it not be perfect timing to partake in them at a bachelor(ette) party?

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