I totally forgot to give this post a title

Last night, as I was loading up my car with things to take to Goodwill and ‘s, came home and announced that she’d just been fired. Being fired always sucks, but this was a particularly hideous situation. Why, you ask? Well, you see, she’d already given her notice, 20 days ago, and next Thursday was supposed to be her last day. So, essentially, they robbed her of the right to say goodbye to everyone. And got to pull a little power trip. Bastards.

I got all of my Goodwill stuff out of the house, as well as the last of the things I knew had to live at ‘s. I also set aside my work clothes for next week, packed my honeymoon luggage, and watched several episodes of Star Trek Voyager. And did 3 loads of laundry (which is impressive since I was gone from 6:30-10:00 taking stuff to ‘s and Goodwill). [Editor’s note: Let’s pause for a moment and take a little bit of joy in ‘s praise for the necklace I made her, and that her co-workers all loved it and were impressed that I made it, and told her that she should have me make more of her jewelry. Bask in that feeling for a moment. OK, I’m better now.]

Tonight, after helping will be out having his bachelor party, and I’ve been instructed to go to bed with my cell phone, lest the designated driver forget and I need to come and safely drive them home.

Our receptionist has been particularly nice lately, telling me stories and asking questions about the wedding. It was revealed by yesterday why – she set her retirement date. October 2nd. This, of course, fills me with mixed emotions. On the one hand, she has several habits that annoy me greatly. But on the other hand, her being gone means I have to answer phones more. reassured me that she’s going to fill the position, potentially before it’s actually vacated, and told me I don’t need to worry. She doesn’t actually want me answering phones, since it takes away from my other responsibilities. Since the new people we’ve hired lately have been efficient and competent and computer-savvy, this is an exciting time. Our receptionist can basically only use Word and Excel, and only in limited ways.

Anyways, I got a call back from a co-worker regarding an Access database question, and so I’m going to go try the solution she gave me. Such an exciting life, I know.