Crying Brides

This is the sort of thing that makes brides cry, in case you were wondering.

So my aunt and uncle on Dad’s side cannot come to the wedding because my aunt is doing chemo right now. She wrote me a very nice letter about it, and I totally understand. I know she wants to be there, so that’s enough for me. (Side note: I need to stop being sad on behalf of people who want to come but can’t. It’s not helping.) Well, Mom emailed me and said that a friend of hers from back home said my aunt isn’t looking good. She asked if I would write her a letter, saying it would probably help her spirits, from her favorite niece and the bride (which is what my aunt called me in the letter she wrote). Initially I was frustrated that I was being asked to do something else. And then I was just sad about the whole thing. More motivation to go home for Christmas this year. After all, I can see Grant any time I want, right? And I wouldn’t get to see him on Christmas day anyways. We’ll see how my grandpa looks at the wedding, and that could cinch the deal. But it means missing Prince Charming’s family’s Christmas Eve celebration.

Back at work for the rest of the day. Not much exciting going on there.