I know it’s so very wrong of me, but this email gives me great satisfaction.

I wore the necklace you made for me yesterday and I just loved it! I kept looking in the mirror at it and couldn’t believe you had made it. It does look nice with my dress yet I like the one I bought, too, so will wear them both over the 2 days of rehearsal and wedding. Thank you so much and please forgive my initial reaction, yet they did look very orange are LARGE in the photo you sent (what’s with that?) but were so small and pink in real life. I should have trusted you; thank you for not hating me.


I know, I know, I’m a horrible person.

In other news, I now own a car. Well, it’s not official on paper yet, but I am the sole owner of all of the keys, so that counts, right?

Everything is off of my bedroom walls, and all the holes are patched. Tomorrow night I’m going to sand them down and spot-paint. Hopefully the color I bought is the right one.

To try something new, I’m going to ‘s house tonight after work (driving there instead of taking the bus) and spending the night. Ooh, on a work night! And then I get to get up bright and early and drive from Eagan to Roseville. Whose idea was that? Oh well. Yes, I know that pretty soon I’ll be spending the night on all the work nights and weekend nights. I’m aware that that is how marriages work. I’ve been trying to spare the pain of dealing with me in the morning on work days. Hopefully, the name brand drugs will arrive from Canada shortly after we get back from our honeymoon, and that should definitely help.

I am an official student (though non-degree-seeking and not actually admitted to the University) of Metro State. And I registered for classes. Several times, actually. I’m glad I thought to look back on the spreadsheet of required classes before I took two classes that would have fulfilled one goal. Thankfully, several of the required classes that were previously full were no longer, or they opened up other sections, or something. So I ditched Macroeconomics (which had expensive textbooks anyways) and am taking Intro to Geography. Exciting, I know. It is a required course, however. Have I mentioned how bad I am at geography? Maybe this class will fix that. I have finally learned my 50 states (again), so that’s good. I could probably tell you where most of the countries in Europe generally were, but South America and Africa would get me into a lot of trouble.

This course introduces students to the methods, themes, theories and techniques used by geographers to understand where things are and why they happen in particular locations. Students examine the relationship between humans and their environment and how humans organize their actions in space. Geographers use this focus to answer contemporary questions of political, economic, social and environmental concern. This course is designed to help students think critically about the role human and physical geographies play in shaping individuals’ experiences and understanding of the world.

And instead of Macro, I’m taking Politics, Markets, and Society to fulfill that requirement. It sounded much more interesting and much more relevant to teaching Social Studies to junior high students.

This course explores the contrasts and inter-relationships between three approaches to organizing our public life: democratic politics, economic markets, and the multiple associations that make up civil society. Students will investigate the basic characteristics and underlying principles of each approach and apply what they learn to an analysis of contemporary public issues. Students will evaluate the basic strengths and limits of each approach to civic engagement and public problem solving, and reflect on the ethical dimensions of their roles as citizens, consumers and members of civil society.

So, there ya have it. Assuming my head doesn’t explode over all that knowledge, it’s all good. There were some others that I would have wanted to take, but they required that I have taken a certain number of credits at Metro first. That’s what next semester is for, right? I have 7 more content courses to take after this semester, and then however many for the degree. So I reassured my boss that I would be here for quite some time still. Oh well. Knowing there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, even if I can’t see it yet, is reassuring.

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  1. Geography has a lot to do with social studies!! Look at how geography affects our current political situation: economy largely petroleum dependent, petroleum is finite resource found in large quantities in only a few places worldwide, people fight for control of oil-bearing land, people do bad things in the name of control; this leads to war, death, torture, etc.

    Historically it had even more to do with social studies. Back when transportation wasn’t so easy, having the right location meant EVERYTHING to local and national economies. Our societies took shape around the geography of the local land!

    And besides, you wouldn’t want to be like that dumb guy who didn’t know where China was in that UPS commercial if a student asked you a question about where a particular country was located.

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