Friday Fun

What is your favorite flavor of…

  1. Ice cream? Currently Ben & Jerry’s Vermonty Python (with DQ’s mocha mudslide blizzard a close second), and Coldstone’s Breathless Boston Cream Pie (though I’m not really sure that’s so much of a flavor but more of a whole desert). But I bought Ben & Jerry’s … whatever the new Steven Colbert flavor is, and it has potential. It has chocolate covered waffle pieces and caramel.
  2. Coffee or tea? Both, depending on my mood. For coffee, I go white chocolate mocha. For tea, I like orange spice, chamomile, cranberry, or something minty. Tea is totally a “what mood am I in” kind of choice.
  3. Chocolate? White, milk or dark? Milk chocolate. Though last weekend I discovered the Lindt truffles in white chocolate and.. wow.
  4. Milk? Chocolate, plain, or strawberry? Plain. Alison always wanted the Strawberry Quick, and I just couldn’t stomach the idea. Chocolate’s good too, but doesn’t always hit the spot.
  5. Gum? Wintergreen. Or a non-mint flavor (never have cared much for peppermint or spearmint).
  6. Toothpaste? “Citrus Burst,” though I’ve been stuck with mint for the last three months due to needing to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth (after all my dental work in May/June).
  7. Jelly or jam? Ew. I don’t like either, regardless of flavor. I’ll take peanut butter though. And Nutella.