was going to talk to her hairstylist last night about doing my hair for the wedding (since I made the error of not scheduling an appointment and now my stylist is booked, and ignoring my phone calls). Well, she did, and the lady kind of has an opening that day. But, get this, the stylist recommended I just do my own. Um… wtfreak? I know, I know, I’ve said myself that there’s no reason to panic about the situation because I could, in fact, do my own hair. But why would a stylist suggest this? Especially when I’m willing to pay her? Clearly, I’m going to have to look elsewhere. There are two other salons in my neighborhood to call. It’s not about not being able to do my own hair – it’s about letting someone else do it so I don’t have to stress about it, and getting pampered a bit. Like manicures and pedicures – I’m completely capable of painting my own nails, thank you very much, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone else do it for you.

Totally unrelated – this method for hanging pictures  [link removed] (found via Lifehacker) is genius! Why didn’t I think of it? I’ve done how many walls of photos?

Also unrelated – I have finally tried the McDonald’s Iced Coffee. It’s alright. I can see why people might like it. I, however, don’t actually enjoy it. It’s drinkable. It’s coffee. But… it’s lacking something. I’m not sure what it is, but something is wrong with it. But it’s a personal thing, so y’all might want to try it sometime, if’n you like coffee (which is, what, like one of my readers? how is it that I know so many people who don’t like coffee?).

Another unrelated detail – called last night (again) to tell me that my grandparents are coming to the wedding, and that he and are bringing them up here (even got them a hotel room next to theirs). He also said that is having back surgery (herniated disk, nothing related to the cancer) on August 27th. They hope she’ll be able to make the trip up here, but it’s uncertain. If she can travel, they’ll have to stop every hour so she can get out and walk for 15 minutes. She’s not allowed to drive for a while, and can’t go back to work until November (she’s been on disability since June). described Grandpa’s surgery last week as outpatient, and said that his last bout with pneumonia took a toll on him but that he’s doing well. I’m glad to hear it, but hope that and I can go down there for Christmas, especially since my aunt is sick as well (and wants to experience all that is Christmas Eve in the Johnson family, which is sure to disappoint).

Finally unrelated – I got a comment on this very blog yesterday from an old friend from college that I’d lost touch with. So exciting! We exchanged updates last night via email – it’s amazing how much there is to relate when you don’t talk to someone for five years. (who probably didn’t even know she has her own name graphic, because I so rarely talk about her) goes in the category of friends from college who have a very special place in my heart (because there are also those friends from college that are just that, good friends and nothing more). is another. would be, but we had that falling out and things have never been the same since, even though we did restore our friendship. is in the same boat, though we didn’t go to college together; we’ve been friends since high school when we attended the same church / youth group. Anyways, I’m thrilled to be back in touch with (if you can’t tell, that’s a chick singing with a microphone).