I took some pictures last night. Originally, I went out to take a picture of the tree limb that had fallen in Monday night’s storm. I am sorry to say that it did not turn out as artistic as I’d like. But I think that’s because I’m not actually a very good photographer. I’m OK with that. We all have limitations. It means I appreciate those who can take good pictures all the more.

But then I took more pictures. They’re after the jump.

I found lots of things to take pictures of that I will miss when I move. In all fairness, I also found a few things that I won’t miss.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. While moving to a townhouse in the suburbs isn’t exactly my ideal way for the fairytale to end, I do live in the real world, and it is the best decision for us to make. And I’m on board with that. And in the big picture, I choose living with over my other options, regardless of what that means. That doesn’t mean I can’t miss some things about my current living situation.

My front door. Yes, it's horribly huge and heavy and a pain in the butt. But at least in this picture, it's pretty. (You can't see the peeling paint and the rest of the entry which is sorely in need of cleaning or a power wash or... an exorcism.)

I do love my "Bath" hooks. I'm keeping it, but it's going into storage. There's really no appropriate place for this at Prince Charming's. Maybe it'll fit in better in our next home.

This has got to be one of the worst pictures I've taken of my fireplace. And sure, it has its problems. Like the fact that it doesn't work. But it's still quite pretty and I have enjoyed the luxury of its beauty in my bedroom for the past year-plus. You just don't see fireplaces like this in modern homes.

Prince Charming and I actually discussed this over the weekend. I have lived with this makeup shelf since A and I lived over by the fairgrounds, so I'm kinda set in my routine about it. But I think it's time for it to go. It has always lived in a hidden-away area of my bedroom except for that year A and I lived in that 3rd floor apartment, so it hasn't mattered that the whole world could see my "stuff." So now I'm trying to figure out what to do at the new place, where to put my stuff, how it's all going to work. Not really a big deal, but worth photographing one last time.

And now we get to my porch.

This has really been the part of my current living arrangement I like the most,

even though it doesn't get used 8 months of the year,

and I've barely had time to be in my hammock this summer with all the wedding and moving stuff.

Still, it is a nice little haven when I have the chance, and I will miss it.


This is, I think, the first flower Prince Charming ever gave me.

It's not making the move, however. It's a bit too fragile, and in the end, not worth it. I do, however, have a box with all the petals from the roses he gave me for our first Valentine's Day.

Ah, my shutters. I bought these back when I lived in Michigan. They haven't actually been on display in my current house, at least not in the last year or so. Like some other things, they're not really going away, just into storage. And hopefully I will find the perfect location for them in a future home. (I'm under strict orders not to give them away, which is fine because they were a great find when I bought them and they're hard to get sometimes. They have character. They speak to me.)

And then there’s the things I won’t miss. A few I don’t have pictures of, like my landlords, or walking through the kitchen in just a towel (wtf?) or the myriad of issues related to the poor care of our house since it has been a rental for way too long. But there are a few that I do have pictures of.

This is the gate I had to install on my bedroom door to keep the dog out of my bedroom.

Why would a dog in my bedroom be a problem? Besides the fact that she sometimes forgets that Matea is not actually a toy for her amusement, she has this bad habit of eating ALL of Matea’s food, which annoys me to no end. Like “I could seriously hurt that dog” annoyance. So with this $10 gate from Target, I fixed the problem. But I will be glad to no longer have to step over it every time I enter or exit my room. I’m sure Prince Charming or anyone who comes to visit me will be too.

This is the neighborhood cat (who is clearly tagged and lives right next door) who is allowed to wander aimlessly. The problem with this?

She's not fixed, and occasionally, as nature demands, goes into heat. Outside my bedroom window.

Last night I saw her while I was out taking pictures and had to go back and check my room to make sure she wasn’t . They look nearly identical, except that does not have a bright blue collar or tag. She has a pretty bell. And a grey (I think) tear-away collar. This cat was quite skittish and afraid of me. Probably because whenever I see her on my property, I chase after her with loud stomping footsteps. I think she got the point.

Oh, did you want the pictures I originally set out to take? Here they are…

Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Storm Damage