No Hall Passes today

I somehow managed to miss every single one of my buses this morning. I don’t even know where the 8:55 65 was. I was there at 8:53 and never saw it. So I caught the next 21 to Snelling. Getting off the 21, I looked across the street to see the 84 waiting at the light. It pulled away before I could cross the street (running across the Snelling-University intersection in a skirt and heels is ill-advised at best). So I waited. And then when the 84 dropped me off at Como to catch the 3, I watched the 3 pull away from the stop as I exited the bus. So I waited for the next 3. And miraculously, I was only 2 minutes late for my doctor’s appointment this morning. Miraculous.

Exciting – I got a new prescription for brand-name Wellbutrin again, so as soon as I send it in, I’m off the generic. Yay! Exciting news for the girls only – My last 3 Paps were regular, so I didn’t have to have one this year. Those are not so much fun.

Unfortunately, my appointment ran over, and then the lab was running late, so I missed whatever 3 would have taken me home in time for my plan to work. Then after 10 minutes of waiting 3C drove by, which stops at Cleveland and is not helpful at all, so I waited another 10 minutes for a 3A. At this point, there was no chance of fulfilling my plan, so I just went directly to work. Ideally, I was going to stop at Target on my way back from the doctor, get the cat food that I am out of, stop at home and feed , grab my backpack, and then spend the night at ‘s. No such luck. I’ll just have to try next week. Of course, if the lady from craigslist who said she would come buy my chandelier had stopped by last night like we planned, this wouldn’t be an issue. I waited all night and she never came by. If she had come after work, I would have then caught a bus to Target and fixed the problem then. It seems as though the universe is conspiring against me. (And if that lady doesn’t show up, the next person on the list is getting contacted, because I had several interested parties and I don’t need to deal with this crap for a measly $5.)

So I got to work at 12:15 and have been on phones ever since. Thankfully, our receptionist is back tomorrow. This is good because I have a 10:00 meeting to show someone how to use the projector. Woo-hoo.

Quick trip to Target after work tonight then. Maybe JoAnn’s too, though I am on a limited budget there (it’s the only way to do it when one has multiple crafty hobbies). And then how am I going to spend my evening? I got 4/5 of this week’s moving tasks done last night, and a few wedding ones. I guess there’s always more wedding stuff to do. And a baby blanket to knit (for ‘s little boy due around the time of our wedding).

Snag in the wedding planning – my hairstylist is unavailable. She’s booked the whole day. No freaking out, though. She’s supposed to give me a call. Maybe she can recommend someone else. If not, then I might panic a bit. But just a bit.

I am tired. So I’m gonna go home soon. It counts as part of my sick leave from this morning.

Also, I’d like to note that my blog has been getting spammed with comments lately.  Specifically the “Addendum” post.  Not sure why.  But they all get moderated, so they never make it on the web.  But it’s seriously annoying.  There were at least 10 today.  Grr.  I am not stupid enough to think that a comment that is entirely links belongs on my site.  Especially when those links are for viagra and porn sites.  Boo.  You get no love from me.