This is why one (that one being me) should not make rash decisions regarding hair. You see, for the last month or so I’ve been trying to “use up” all the spare hair products I have laying around my house. At times, I can acquire quite a stockpile, usually because I find something I really like, and then someone comes out with a new product I just have to have, and before you know it I have four different kinds of curl cream sitting in a drawer, half-used. This is also where styling products that I tried and discovered don’t really work that well go to live. I can’t always remember which ones are which. So anyways. I’ve been trying to get rid of my stockpile so I don’t have to move it. Because I don’t like throwing away half-full containers of gel. And because I’m cheap and don’t have the money to buy the really good salon stuff right now.

This, of course, in hindsight, is one major reason that I have recently been hating my hair and desiring to chop it all off. The other one is the crappy shampoo and conditioner I bought on the way to Amanda’s house when she highlighted my hair. I bought Pantene on Monday. Forgot how much my hair looooves Pantene. We’re good friends again, me and my hair.

That doesn’t mean I might not end up chopping it all off shortly after the wedding anyways (much to Prince Charming’s displeasure, and several other people too, I think). But then it would just be because I need a change of pace. I have had the same hair goal for the last six years, so if I take a minor detour, so be it. Besides, the original goal was to have my hair in the middle of my back for my wedding (which, at the time I made the goal, was merely a figment of my imagination and nowhere close to reality). I’ve fallen a little short of that goal, but haven’t done all that bad.

Anyways… there’s a reason why this post is tagged “all things superficial.” I can’t be deep and profound all the time.