Busy Bee!

I was a busy little worker bee last night. and came over (after we had some delicious Vietnamese and some very strong coffee) and helped me move my bookshelves from my bedroom into the front room. Here are the “after” photos. (For “before” photos, see this previous post.)

Pictures have started to come off the walls. Several more came down after I took this shot.

This is where the shelves used to be. Now it's just a wall that needs to be patched and spot-painted.

This is where my dresser and fish tank were. Now it's home to a stack of boxes that are going to Mom's house.

The new shelves...

The couch, nearly cleared. Note that the two boxes on top are empty and waiting to be packed, the two garbage bags are stuff for storage or Goodwill or... something. And the laundry basket has three quilts/blankets in it that need to be taken to the cleaners because they're covered in cat hair, and then put into storage.

Look at all that floor! I could vacuum it and everything!

Now if I can only figure out how to get rid of that computer and monitor and laptop (the latter of which totally doesn't work)....

I posted the chandelier on Craigslist today - hopefully someone will want it. I put a diamond necklace on ebay, too. I'm waiting to post the couch and chairs. The couch still needs to get un-buried a little more, and I'm still finding the chair in my bedroom useful. I guess I'll have to get over that. I only have three weeks left. At least the chairs are being put up for free. The couch... $5. Just because it's still in decent shape and not hideous, just slightly outdated.

I did some more cleaning and moving things around after they left, and then I occupied myself with beads. I stayed up way too late (I blame the Vietnamese coffee) without even realizing it. But, here’s the results.

This is the bracelet I talked about yesterday, as potentially to be worn at the wedding.


This one I'm wearing today. I took my inspiration from one I saw on Macy's website.



This necklace that I made with some beads I'd bought to potentially use in jewelry for A and L, but we eventually decided that pink made a much better accent on a brown dress than brown did.
But I still liked the beads, so I made this necklace for... me? I'm not sure.

This bracelet is a work in progress.

I'm not really sure where to go from here, only that it's not complete yet.

It may need something that I don't currently own, but since it doesn't need to be completed on any sort of time table, I'm just going to let it simmer for a while.