I broke the 30 mark in “Can You Name All the US Presidents?” [link removed] !!! Previously, my best had been somewhere in the 26 range. But today, I got 32! There’s hope for me yet! Also, I’ve been doing very well on the 50 states mapping game (which I can’t link to from work because the site is blocked) – upper 40s for correct, and very low mileage errors. I bet I’d do better if I could practice at work. Not that that would be ethical.

PS, if anyone wants a good Christmas gift idea for me (six months early), I’d like a nice set of flash cards to help this learning process. I’d suggest it as a wedding gift, but I don’t think would take much value out of that.

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  1. Ha. I got 29 on my first try. In under 10 minutes. Probably helps that I’ve lived in NE Minneapolis where streets are named for presidents. In order of presidency, even. Smart city planners…

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