Four For Friday

  1. Fall: While the Autumnal Equinox is still over a full month away (Sunday, September 23, 2007), what are you most looking forward to about the change in seasons… cooler temperatures, college and pro football, only three months till Christmas, an impending trip, something else, or do you just not care for fall? I loooove fall.  Particularly fall clothing.  But also leaves, and it being cool enough to cuddle under a blanket, and hot cocoa (yes, I drink hot cocoa all year round, but it seems much more appropriate when it’s… not summer and 95* out).
  2. Bringing it Home: What are some of the very first things you do when you arrive home after work? If you live with someone–roommates, spouse, children, parents, etc.–is there something you’d do different if you lived alone? Feed the cat.  Turn on the TV.  Read mail.  At some point get inspired for dinner.
  3. Ouch!: Physically speaking, what is something you wish you could still do but cannot? Touch my toes without bending my legs.  Never have been able to.
  4. Your Bestest Friend: What is your best friend’s best quality? Forgiveness.