Today’s Vocabulary Lesson

A while back, I ran across “100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know.” I was horrified because I knew so few of them. Here’s the list in its entirety. I’ve marked which ones I know (or could probably use somewhat correctly in a sentence) with a *, and the ones I thought I knew but was wrong in italics.

So, I got… 63%.  Does that mean I should go back to high school?  I sure hope not.  That was h*ll.  Now, who wants to play along by commenting?

1 comment to Today’s Vocabulary Lesson

  • Liz


    I’m surprised you didn’t know “deleterious” (did I just spell that right?) given all the Jane Austen I know you’ve read.

    Is it wrong that I know “enervate” because of Harry Potter?

    Have fun,