Odds and Ends

  • This morning, since I missed the bus, I walked down the street to the coffee shop where I’m meeting some girls tomorrow who are doing decorations for our reception. I don’t particularly like their coffee, but I have $14 left on the gift certificate Nikki gave me at Christmas, and it seems a good a time as any to use it.
  • What I started out trying to say was that I actually remembered to get the drink I recently discovered for consumption at places like this (where the coffee just isn’t desirable): Chai. No, I didn’t just discover chai tea, but on a recent shopping trip with Liz, I discovered that it’s pretty much good wherever you go, and a good backup in case one is forced to go to Caribou.  This is an even better plan when I remember it.
  • I actually slept through the night last night, for the first time since Saturday. Unfortunately, this victory was mitigated by my inability to fall asleep until after 3 am. I laid in bed, lights off, cat curled up, attempting to sleep for several hours before sleep, the elusive nymph that she is, finally came to me. But at least then I got four straight hours of sleep, so that’s something.
  • In case you were wondering, no, I don’t know why I’ve been having problems sleeping. I can tell you that it’s not because I’m stressed out (due to wedding plans or moving timetables). Part of it this week was because it was frickin’ hot in my room due to the lack of air conditioning. But that was only a tiny bit of it.
  • In bullet #3, my other choice for words was “mollified” instead of “mitigated.” Anyone have preferences?
  • Mom emailed yesterday to say she’s almost done with my dress, as in “final fitting needed.” How exciting is that? Now I just have to get myself over to ‘s to use her sewing machine and do the veil, and then I can take the whole ensemble up to Mom’s and get the party started.
  • Last night after Prince Charming left my house (car packed with my stuff), I hopped online and spent some gift certificates. Fun stuff.
  • Also, I worked on the music playlist for the reception. I’ve got it narrowed down to 20 hours of music. You might scoff, but that’s not all that bad. I started with… my entire music collection, which was somewhere in the vicinity of 2500 songs (which is approximately 160 hours). I figured that would be an easier way than searching through the songs and individually putting them in a playlist, which was bound to result in duplicates and nearly not enough songs (I need 6-ish hours worth, or is it hours’ worth?). This way, I could easily delete the multitude that were inappropriate, undesirable, about breaking up, etc.
  • There’s a chocolate-frosted donut here waiting for me to consume it, and I can’t really think of anything else to say, so… I’m gonna go enjoy the donut.

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  1. mitigated is the right word, mollified means that it was a bad situation and the only comfort was that it took you ’till 3am to sleep
    mitigated means that it was a great achievement that doesn’t mean as much because it took you so long to actually get to sleep

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