There are no good synonyms for “random” (I checked)

  • Last night on the bus ride home, there was a blind woman and her guide dog sitting near the front. The driver proceeded to describe, in detail, the entire trip. It included descriptions like “the city is laid out around the capital with the roads coming out of it like spikes” (I didn’t know that), “I don’t really know where I am,” and “this is a really cute neighborhood with lots of coffee shops and restaurants and so forth” (referring to my neighborhood). It was kinda fun, though that middle part was a bit frightening. (I’m guessing she just meant she’s a Minneapolis gal and not a St Paul gal, as most bus drivers seem to associate themselves with one or the other, and then when they’re in the opposite one, claim ignorance about local buses and sights.)
  • called three times last night, and I missed all three attempts. He’s in North Carolina (has been since sometime last week) and won’t be returning until Sunday night. This puts a slight crimp in a few wedding details that are in the works. Oh well.
  • Miracle of miracles, cleaned the house yesterday. A potential roommate came over, so he got the place all nice-looking. Swept the floors and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.
  • So, I cooked in my kitchen. Salmon with beans and carrots (from the farmer’s market) and a French baguette with olive oil. Then I had Twizzlers for desert.
  • This morning while out for coffee, a bird crapped on my shoulder. No joke. That hasn’t happened to me since 4th grade when I was on a Girl Scout camping trip.
  • I tried to finish watching “One True Thing” that I’d recorded and watched most of last week. It was on the Indie channel, and was really good, but kinda depressing so I couldn’t finish it (Renee Zellweger’s mom is terminally ill, for a brief plot synopsis). I had half an hour left. But the last 10 minutes were blank. And… I think it’s actually more than that that I’m missing. So I’ll have to Netflix it I guess. Do I remember how to login?