Easy to Please

Last night I got home from work and had four things on my to-do list. I had the first three done within half an hour (take down wine rack, pack up kitchen linens, pack up any remaining camping items), and was feeling pretty good about that. I walked through the kitchen and said to myself, “If the washing machine is fixed, my life will be perfect.” I went downstairs to check, and lo and behold, my life was perfect! So I got 2 loads of laundry done (including every single pair of khakis I own except one, and that’s a lot of khakis). I also attempted number four on my list, phone calls, but no one was home. I did leave a detailed message with , but not for the MIL. I wasn’t prepared for the latter.

Must remember to call tomorrow, since it is her birthday. She’s 55!

Work is super boring today. But, thankfully, on Monday will be back, and I think my sick co-worker will be in part day.