I sold my wine glasses!  After several days of posting on craigslist and absolutely no contacts, a girl at the U emailed me on Monday and is coming to pick them up tomorrow.  Fabulous.  This, of course, has motivated me to take pictures and post the other stuff I wanted to, like my bread machine, and my wrought iron chandelier, and… there’s something else.  An easy way to make a few bucks as I say goodbye to some of my stuff.

Last night, I think I gave up on my kitchen.  I was swatting fruit flies away as I tried to get a glass of water (I haven’t had a fruit fly problem since I lived in Michigan and put bananas on top of the fridge and forgot about them – that only happens once and you learn your lesson), I realized that there was no way it was going to be clean in the six weeks I have left there.  Unless I clean up after my roommates, who are much too old for me to have to do that (as in, over the age of 12).  I know the mess isn’t mine, because I haven’t cooked in my kitchen in… at least a month.  I have eaten at my house, but, well, it’s been a lot of pizza and heating things up.  So I think I’m going to pack up the kitchen stuff this week, or at least most of it.  I’ll leave the dishes and the silverware, but I think everything else is getting packed or tossed into the garbage.

I should have taken a picture to show you my progress on the front room.  You’d be impressed.

Later today, I think I’ll post some more pictures, and find a story to tell.  Tune in!