Voo-Doo? Or am I just that sexy?

Earlier today, I asked Prince Charming what kind of weird voo-doo he put on my engagement ring, since while I was out getting coffee I was hit on three times. Three! This, of course, is without my engagement ring, since I accidentally left it at home today. For the second time ever.

But while I was out getting lunch, it happened again, twice. Which makes me think, is it really the ring with the creepy voo-doo, or do I just look that awesome today? It could be the outfit (black heels, especially when paired with a skirt, tend to invite unwanted male attention); I know it’s not the hair, because… it’s just normal today. It could be that I’m tan, but doubtful. So, it’s either the cursed ring that has been keeping guys from hitting on me for the last six months (though what’s to explain the years upon years before that when I was rarely approached?), or the outfit. I mean, my Tommy Bahama red silk dress is cute, but is it that cute? I might prefer to believe in black magic.