Ants in my pants

I am usually a calm person in regards to gift-giving occasions. I don’t get overly expectant or excited or… whatever. Probably because I have a really hard time disguising my feelings if I don’t like the gift, so there’s a certain level of… trepidation and desire to make the gift-giver feel good. Anyways. This weekend’s shower is apparently not one of those occasions. I wanna know, and I wanna know now! I haven’t let myself look at our registries since Friday…. Alison told me that two packages showed up at her house on Monday and they weren’t from any of the places we registered. Then Amanda called me last night with a very cryptic message about a gift we registered for that has been discontinued and has features…? I have no idea what it is. Sigh. I’m not exactly sure why I’m so excited about it all… it’s not like I’m terribly excited about anything on our registries (except the plates, and the whole REI registry is just fun). So why would I really care if someone got us the tablecloth or not (they did)? I don’t get it. But I’m filled with anticipation. Kinda like I’ve had too much caffeine. But I promise, I haven’t.

Mom is coming over tonight after work to do a fitting for my dress. And I scheduled my hair styling trial run. And… the girl who gave me my manicure last night graduated high school with Prince Charming. Small world (yet again). I’ve fallen behind a bit on packing. But I’ve had a haircut and my nails done, and I vacuumed last night. Tonight I need to get back on the packing wagon, so to speak. It’s part of the anti-bridezilla plan, you know. So far, so good. Now I just need to stay on track (and get to work on some of those tasks with unspecified deadlines, like finishing the silk arrangements for the bridesmaids, and finding photographs for the guest book). I bet Amanda could hop in there and make me a slew of color-coded lists. Let’s call that Plan B, and if I start to get overwhelmed, I’ll call in the specialist.