Another pictoral update

I’m on a roll! Actually, I read that if I wanted to increase my readership, I should include a picture with every post. It’s a nice idea, but… I’m not sure I can do that. Oh well. Here’s another update on what I’ve been doing lately.

When I came home from work yesterday, there was a card in the mail for me from Candy. It had a Vicky’s gift certificate in it. Why, I don’t know. Called Alison and she was surprised too. We didn’t invite her to the shower, so it was just… random. Very nice, though.

I have to write her a thank you tonight.

Sunday night Prince Charming and I broke down boxes that had been hiding out at his house so that I could recycle them this week.

Here’s the garbage bag full of cardboard.

I’d love to say that the mess in the front room is because I’m moving. It’s not. Well, it kind of is. But really moving has just meant that the mess has taken a different shape than before. Sigh.

Anyone wanna buy a bread machine?
Recent packing efforts
The mailing of the invitations (and RSVP cards received)

That’s all for now. Leave inappropriate remarks on how I should spend the Vicky’s card to keep your mom happy in the comments.