Update (in pics)

What’s been going on lately? Some of this, some of that. A lot of packing, actually. And cleaning (actually, it was who did all the cleaning – he did a lot of work on his spare bedroom last week – very impressive). But, there have been a few other things that have happened, and I thought I’d share with photos.

A while ago, and I went to his mom’s cabin. Here’s some pics of the miniature golf place with the bright blue water.

Action shot
This is what happens when I don’t say “1-2-3 say cheese!”

Also, last week I went to the Taste of Minnesota with and , where I bought two dresses. For being very different dresses, they are remarkably similar.

Dress 1
Dress 2

AfroGirl was in action this weekend, covertly. The following incident happened as I was combing my hair pre-shower on Saturday morning.

Perhaps it sheds some light on AfroGirl’s amazing powers.

Wedding invitations went in the mail this weekend. I don’t have a picture of them, otherwise I’d post it. Should’ve taken a picture of ‘s mailbox full of the outgoing letters. Also, I am very tan. Thank you, MysticTan (courtesy of DarqueTan)! Hopefully not too tan. We’ll see what others say next weekend (people who haven’t watched me slowly get darker, and who might be more objective).

just emailed to say that she is at the trying-on stage of making my dress. Yay! I’m thinking about making up some Instructables as I do my veil and jewelry, and maybe flowers. What do you think?