Unfinished Sentences

As seen on Kazoofus:

  1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss was… sweet. And comforting (I was sick Sunday night, remember?)
  2. I am listening to… my co-worker complaining. As usual.
  3. I talk… aloud to far more often than I should.
  4. I love… it when it rains.
  5. My best friends… probably don’t know how much they mean to me, because I’m not very good at expressing it.
  6. My car… is public transportation. Sometime this fall, however, my answer will be different.
  7. My love life… is discussed enough here for me to not answer this one.
  8. I hate it when people ask… how wedding plans are coming. I’m bored of talking about it.
  9. I want to… be done with school and start my new career.
  10. Marriage is… something I am looking forward to very much. A bit nervous about (having never been married before), but when all is said and done, something I want and am getting a bit impatient for.
  11. Somewhere, someone is thinking… about my wedding. You know it’s true. OK, probably not. Because the world does not revolve around the wedding, and in fact, the wedding is a very small blip (if that) over the course of time in relation to the entire world’s population.
  12. I’m always… drinking water these days, it seems. Far more than I thought. Far more than I did a few months ago.
  13. I have a secret crush on… do I have secret crushes? I think everyone is fully aware of my inappropriate celebrity crushes.
  14. I am not… a dog person. Lucy has cemented my resolve on that.
  15. My cell phone… is red. How cool is that?
  16. When I wake up in the morning… I wish I weren’t. And then I hit snooze. And then I finally get up and feed the cat, and perhaps fall back asleep while watching the Today Show.
  17. Before I go to bed I… brush my teeth, read something fictional, set my alarm clock, and re-check said alarm clock (not that it helps – I still hit snooze a few too many times in the morning).
  18. Right now I am thinking about… leaving to go get a Mocha Frappuccino. I’m thirsty.
  19. Babies are… wonderful, so long as I get to return them to their parents at some point. Also, they tend to be all around me these days. You know how a few years ago everyone I knew was getting married? Well, now they’re all having kids. I guess I’m just a few years behind the times.
  20. I get on MySpace… never.
  21. Today I… was complimented on how fast I walk by a co-worker. Strange, I know.
  22. Tonight I will… meet up with and and experience the Taste of Minnesota. Hopefully, there won’t be any major disasters.
  23. Tomorrow I will… spend sleeping in (unless it’s ridiculously hot outside, which would make it ridiculously hot in my bedroom, which would make sleep impossible), packing boxes to go to ‘s house, showering, and hanging out with , hopefully in that order.
  24. I really want to… not be at work today. I would prefer to laze around in my hammock (and not feel obligated to pack boxes).
  25. Someone who will most likely repost this… Maybe ? She’s the only person I know that reads this blog and has a blog of her own.

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  1. I think we can officially say we’ve “mastered” the Taste of Minnesota. We did very well, if I do say so myself.

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