I could cry

I was just out getting coffee, chattin’ it up with my favorite barista, Tammy. She was feeling talkative today. Asked me if I was going home for the 4th, and then remembered that lives up here now. Then she remembered that I was getting married (“two months!” I said), and how exciting is that, blah blah blah. I move over to wait for my order, and she comes around to the other side of the counter to talk with me. She’s asking wedding questions, like everyone else does, and then she asks where we’re registered at, what we want/need, etc. It was quite clear that she had every intention of giving us a gift. I was joking it up about how and I don’t really need anything that’s on our registries because we’ve both been living on our own for quite some time, etc., and so forth…. At one point, I had to say, “Tammy, you don’t have to get us something.” (I may have said “me” instead of “us.” Oops! That’s only slip-up number two or three, I think.) I quickly changed the topic to what her plans for the 4th are (she’s going on vacation for the next 9 days, but she’s not going anywhere, but staying home and taking care of stuff that needs to get done).

After I left, I realized I should have said, “Tammy, you shouldn’t get us something.” Oh well. But I just totally wasn’t expecting that situation. asked my annoying co-worker what the office should do for me for a gift, which wasn’t unexpected, and so he asked me, and I said “nothing, I want you to do nothing,” and he just smiled and said he didn’t think would take that for an answer. I’m not surprised there. That seems like… a normal thing to do, give a group wedding present to a co-worker. I’m assuming we’ll do the same for another co-worker who’s getting married in August, and I’ll chip in for that. We don’t do birthdays or anything else, but, you know, weddings don’t happen every day. But my barista? I know I go there almost every day and I’m a loyal customer, but… it’s just weird. I mean, I’m flattered, but it’s weird. Weirder than when she told me I needed to invite her to the wedding (because sometimes that just something people say when they don’t know what else to say).