Thank goodness I didn’t dally

I did something today I almost never do. I drove. A car. As if that weren’t extraordinary enough, it was during morning rush hour on major highways, and then on the way back there was rain. Thankfully, I didn’t hang back at the meeting, because people who left after I did have major hail damage to their cars. It’s a state car, not my own car, but I’m still glad I don’t have that hassle. It goes without saying that driving in hail would probably have been too much for me to handle. I was a little shaky about the whole deal. I’m glad that it didn’t rain this morning. Next month’s meeting isn’t at our regular place either, but it’s in St Paul right on the bus route, so I don’t think I’ll be borrowing a car again.

The rest of the afternoon has been unremarkable. Tonight I’ll try to work on more of the hysterical historical stuff I’ve found while cleaning, and let y’all know when I’m done. There’s a lot more than I originally thought, so it might take a while. Can’t promise it’ll be worth the wait, but it’s nice for me to reminisce. Ah, 1999.

And for even more sentimentality, we’re going to my old church this weekend! There won’t be that many people there because it’s a holiday weekend, but there’ll still be some people to catch up with and show off my ring, I mean, my boy. It’s been two years – I wonder how big some of the kids have gotten, especially the boys. They grow fast! It’ll be good to see their faces again. Almost a complete staff turnover since I left, too. Interesting. Same with the church-that-shall-remain-nameless. Entirely new staff, still haven’t been able to keep anyone in the position I was fired from. The more time goes on, the more I realize I was delivered from that situation that was clearly “not right.” Painful, yes, but I think I’m a better person for it, even if it did take me a really long time to get here.

But, to end things on a happier note… I have made major progress in cleaning my house. To the untrained eye, it might not look that way, but it’s true. I’ve got stuff that can go to ‘s for storage, and as soon as we find a place to live (and a time to live there) and a storage unit nearby, I’ve got stuff ready to go there too. Sadly, my vacuuming progress has not been that good. I’ve made it about halfway down the hallway now. I did my room and the front room, and then the filter clogged and the battery died. Then I got a quarter down the hallway before it happened again. Last night I made it to the halfway point before my SwifferVac wheezed its protest. Wimpy little thing, but sure beats vacuuming. What am I tackling tonight? I have no idea. I was going to finish painting my bedside table, but the thunderstorm has put a crimp in that plan (I was going to say “put a damper in that,” but I thought it was too corny). So… maybe I’ll just lay in bed and listen to the rain. Or … I dunno. But home I go. I was at work early today, so my time is done!